The most common techniques for cleaning up asbestos are: "Substitution" and "Cladding", for both may be used corrugated metal sheets and pre-insulated panels, which, in addition to solving the asbestos problem, offer excellent performance.

For many years we know that asbestos is dangerous but only 20 years ago were enacted the first laws on the compulsory removal.
Today there are many buildings that use asbestos as roofing, but in the last years have been developed several techniques to remove it permanently.

SALES EUROPEAN ORGANIZATION has the best products available on the market to solve the asbestos problem. Choosing the right solution to use is evaluated based on: the state of conservation of the roof, monetary investment, construction time and performance. The experience of over 60 years, has made ​​SALES EUROPEAN ORGANIZATION the most reliable partner for the selection of the appropriate solution for your roof.

Asbestos roof coating by applying paint fixatives, is a temporary solution and used only in a few cases, only the cladding and asbestos panels replacement are the most common remediation techniques.

The technique of the cladding consists in covering the old asbestos sheet of corrugated panels with aluminum or steel. These elements fit perfectly to the surface of the roof. These elements are fixed with self drilling screws. This technique is recommended by SALES EUROPEAN ORGANIZATION when the roof is in good condition. There are many advantages of this solution: it uses the old structure, low production of toxic waste and greater durability. The "cladding" is not a definitive operation and can provide protection guarantees only for a limited number of years.

Replacing the only definitive intervention. This technique consists in replacing the cover with asbestos-free materials, such as pre-insulated panels. This type of intervention using the characteristics of the panels pre-insulated, high thermal insulation, light weight and easy assembly. SALES EUROPEAN ORGANIZATION recommends this solution, especially when the roof is in bad condition.
Although more expensive replacement offers the greatest benefits.

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