ONDUL 18

    Type of application: facade

    Ondul 18 is the cladding system which, thanks to the sinuosity of the wave, gives to the property an elegant stylistic effect and a new and always clean image. The Ondul 18 ventilated facade, with a customizable style, is ideal for vertical and horizontal installation, it can be applied to buildings to be rehabilitated and restructured in a short time.



    • Adequate ventilation on the walls and an adequate thermal insulation system
    • Ease of assembly
    • Strong aesthetic impact


    The system

    The versatility of the Ondul 18 and Modul 25 facade system allows to clad buildings of the most varied shapes. The possibility of arranging the metal plates in different directions (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, etc.), of assembling plates of different colors and of inserting ad hoc architectural details allows the designer to give free rein to his imagination and it gives the client the opportunity to deeply characterize the image of their company, thus exploiting the new building as an advertising vehicle.

    However, the Ondul 18 and Modul 25 system is not only valid from an aesthetic point of view, but also possesses technical characteristics of great importance. The assembly system, in addition to using a particular structure designed to accommodate all possible expansions of the metal cladding, provides for the interposition of a cavity which guarantees the natural circulation of air and the possibility of inserting a layer of thermo-acoustic insulation which allows comply with all the new regulations on energy saving and containment, reaping all the (undoubted) advantages that follow.

    With regard to these considerations, it is still necessary to underline the cost-effectiveness, extreme ease and speed of installation, which make the Ondul 18 and Modul 25 ventilated metal facade cladding the most valid alternative to traditional claddings.


    EPD certification (CAM)

    The entire range of roofing and wall panels in steel and aluminium in PIR, PUR and mineral wool, single metal sheet panels and corrugated metal sheets in steel and aluminium, possess the EPD type III - EN ISO 14025 certification, meeting the requirements of compliance with the regulation construction DM 23 June 2022, and satisfying the required CAM criteria.

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