MODUL 25

    Type of application: facade

    Modul 25 is a slatted slab for wall cladding, the slatted façade system with concealed fastening. It is the ideal solution for the aesthetic renovation of commercial and industrial buildings.



    • For ventilated facades
    • Quick and easy to install, combinable and with concealed fastening
    • For prestigious stylistic results, which leave room for the creativity of the designers
    • Perfect combination of ventilation and thermal insulation
    • Anchoring with brackets and aluminum profiles for a perfectly flat substructure


    The system

    Modul 25 is the metal system for ventilated facades, to redevelop, restore and thermally insulate building facades. Modul 25 is a slatted slab that is quick and easy to install, thanks to the particular substructure and the lightness of the individual modules. It is available in various combinable models, with hidden fixings, for varied and impactful stylistic effects, which leave room for the creativity of the designers. To ensure perfect installation, an anchoring structure is provided which, together with the knurling of the stringers and the possibility of anchoring fixed or mobile points thanks to the slots in the brackets, allow for the creation of a perfectly flat substructure. A perfect combination of ventilation and thermal insulation.


    EPD certification (CAM)

    The entire range of roofing and wall panels in steel and aluminium in PIR, PUR and mineral wool, single metal sheet panels and corrugated metal sheets in steel and aluminium, possess the EPD type III - EN ISO 14025 certification, meeting the requirements of compliance with the regulation construction DM 23 June 2022, and satisfying the required CAM criteria.


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