Thanks to partnerships with the most important production and marketing companies of polycarbonate products, we are able to support the design and supply of the most suitable material to meet the need to "Bring Light" into the environment.

    The commercialized profiles adapt like a glove to metal sheets or panels (such as RW 1000, SL 940, Delta / Kappa 3 panels - Delta / Kappa 5, Lithos 5, and many others), but not only, in case of particular designs / projects the technical office is able to formulate the feasibility of the profile (subject to verification of quantities).

    Polycarbonate is the ideal product to create translucent and flat roofs and curves, able to meet the needs of "transparency" both functional and aesthetic.


    The development of technologies in the extrusion field has allowed the creation of a unique plant in Europe for the production of compact polycarbonate sheets with a standard width of 2050 mm up to a maximum of 2500 mm of various thicknesses and colors.

    The range of compact polycarbonate products is divided into sheets with UV and non-UV protection.


    The compact polycarbonate sheets, if compared to the normal glass sheets, allow to considerably reduce the weight of the structures.

    With the same thickness, weight of the compact polycarbonate sheet is equal to 50% of a glass sheet.


    - Width up to 2500 mm.
    - Impact resistance.
    - Resistance to UV rays and hail.
    - Light transmission.


    The particular structure of the multiple-walled sheets with air gap, together with the characteristics of polycarbonate, ensure excellent thermal insulation and great impact resistance.

    The cellular polycarbonate sheets are produced with UV protection on the external side (2 sides on request) which guarantees resistance to aging even after long exposure to atmospheric agents.


    - Linear expansion: 0.065mm / m°C.
    - Operating temperature: -40 °C +120 °C.
    - U.V. protection: coextrusion (on 2 sides on request).
    - Fire reaction EN 13501: EuroClass B-s2,d0.


    - Light transmission.
    - Resistance to UV rays and hail.
    - Energy saving.
    - Affordability.
    - Dimensions 1250 x 6000 mm.
    - Dimensions 2100 x 6000 mm.
    - Other dimensions on request.


    Profiles for panels and corrugated sheets in compact or cellular polycarbonate of different thicknesses can be combined with the whole range of pre-insulated panels and corrugated sheets.


    The modular systems are equipped, according to the type of application, with a specific joint.

    They are the optimal solution for the construction of large surface roofs, translucent facades and fixed or opening windows.


    - Ease and economy of installation.
    - Self-extinguishing.
    - Light transmission.
    - U.v. and hail resistance.
    - Thermal insulation.
    - Dimensions 2100 x 6000 mm.
    - Fire reaction EN 13501: Euroclass B-s1-d0.

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